Book Formatting

Elevate your writing to the next level with a professionally designed and formatted book interior. 

Palmetto Publishing draws from decades of collective experience to help you develop the layout of your interior pages so they perfectly speak to your readers. Learn more about how we can unlock your manuscript’s potential, transforming it into a polished masterpiece.

*Cover Design and Interior Formatting are required services.

Book Formatting Services


Book with custom Palmetto Interior Design

Starting at

  • Interior layout & design
  • Copyright page, print margins, & text formatting
  • Up to 1 image 
  • 1 round of up to 25 text changes

Custom Interior

Book with custom interior design

Starting at

  • Interior layout & design
  • Copyright page, print margins, & text formatting
  • Up to 25 images, 3 may be premium stock images
  • 2 rounds of up to 50 text changes

E-book Conversion

Ebook conversion

Starting at

  • EPUB file that can be used on most e-book devices and platforms such as Kindle, Nook, and iBook
  • Can create both Flowable and Fixed Layout e-book

Complex Interior

Complex Interior Design

Starting at

  • Interior layout & design
  • Copyright page, print margins, & text formatting
  • Up to 100 images or other special formatting instances
  • Up to 5 premium stock images
  • 3 rounds of up to 50 text changes

Complex Plus

complex plus interior design

Starting at

  • Consultation with design mock-up before interior creation
  • Interior layout & design
  • Copyright page, print margins, & text formatting
  • 100-200 images or other special formatting instances
  • Up to 5 premium stock images
  • 3 rounds of changes

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Interior Book Formatting Options

Below, you’ll find our five interior book formatting services, including the add-on option of converting your book into an e-book format for online services like Kindle, Nook, iBook, and other tablets.

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Palmetto Interior

Palmetto Interior is our standard option, best suited for books with straightforward and conventional layouts. Manuscripts that are text-oriented with uniform design and formatting are best suited to this service. Memoirs and many fiction books often fit into this category.

This option does not include indexing but will provide a table of contents. This option also does not include more than one image or complex formatting of any kind.

Custom Interior

Our custom interior book formatting service is our most popular choice for authors. Custom Interiors can work with most genres but is particularly popular for books of poetry, children’s books, and historical nonfiction

We call it “Custom Interior” because you, as an author, will have more options for telling the story you want to tell, using dynamic pictures and layouts instead of merely plain text. This option also gives you more flexibility with 2 rounds of changes to ensure your book looks just right.

Custom Interior includes:

  • 1 Interior Layout
  • Up to 25 images, 3 may be premium stock images
  • 2 rounds of up to 50 text changes
Icon of custom interior
Icon of a book with complex interior

Complex Interior

Our Complex Interior formatting is best for any book with an index or books with up to 100 images, text boxes, or other special formatting instances, such as history books, biographies, certain reference books, and others. With complex formatting, we can format captions or references in the text indicating the photos, making it a complex process that requires the seasoned designer’s finesse.

Complex Interior includes:

  • 1 interior layout
  • Up to 100 images or other special formatting instances (text boxes, tables, lists, etc.) 5 may be premium stock images
  • Index, text boxes, table formatting
  • 3 rounds of up to 50 text changes
  • Indexing services available for an additional cost

Complex Plus

Take our Complex Interior book formatting service and make it even better! Complex Plus is great for books with up to 200  images or special formatting instances, such as textbooks, cookbooks, and photography books. With this book formatting service, your project manager will set up a consultation with you to design a mock-up before formatting begins. We want to ensure your book turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

Complex Plus includes:

  • 1 print interior
  • Up to 200 images or other special formatting instances (text boxes, tables, lists, etc.) 5 may be premium stock photos
  • Index, text boxes, table formatting
  • 3 rounds of changes
Icon of complex plus interior

E-book Conversion

E-book Conversion can only be purchased in addition to one of the other four services. E-book conversions make your book text, images, etc., available in digital form to be readable on screens or other electronic devices. With this add-on, you can make your book more widely available and accessible online. While there are many free converters online, they make poor substitutes for true EPUB format conversion and ruin your work’s integrity. 

Our e-book conversion will be compatible with e-book devices and platforms such as Kindle, Nook, and iBook and uses EPUB files for both Flowable and Fixed Layout e-books.

What Is Book Formatting?

Book formatting is how your manuscript looks and reads. It’s the process of getting a manuscript ready for publication and ensuring the layout and design are consistent and visually appealing. It involves different elements such as font size, page color, word count, page numbers, line spacing, paragraph breaks, images, charts, graphs, and maps. Professionally formatted text is just as essential as the cover because it improves your story’s structure and flow and can enhance the reading experience.

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Why Use Palmetto Publishing’s Book Formatting Services

We help authors design the book of their dreams with our book formatting services. Here’s what we offer.

  • Professional expertise. Our team has extensive experience in book formatting. They understand industry best practices and will ensure your writing looks polished and professional.
  • Seamless reading. We make sure your readers have a smooth and immersive reading experience. Through interior book formatting, we’ll guide your readers through the story and improve overall enjoyment.
  • Reduce stress. By letting us handle your interior book formatting, we can reduce the stress and hassle of dealing with formatting issues. We’ll take care of the process from start to finish.
  • Customization. We know every book is unique, so we tailor our book formatting services to match your needs. Whether it’s font styles, spacing, or images, we customize formatting to reflect your book’s individuality.
  • World-class book formatters & designers. Our highly skilled book formatters and designers pay close attention to the nuances of layout, typography, and design, ensuring that your book has a beautiful and consistent look throughout.
  • 100% guarantee. We have a high standard of quality for formatting and design, so we offer a 100% guarantee that your book’s formatting will align with your needs and expectations.
  • Creative control. Though we have abundant industry experience to contribute to your book, all our authors retain full creative control over their work. Our highest priority is that your creative vision is realized.

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Palmetto Publishing Book Formatting Process

We take your manuscript from a raw draft to a polished masterpiece. Here’s how we do it.


Connect With Our Team

Get in touch with Palmetto Publishing to discuss your interior book formatting. Whether you’re a new author or have experience with publishing, our expert team members are ready to help you.


Determine Your Book Formatting Service

Once we’ve talked about your preferences, you and your publishing consultant will work together to figure out the best solution.


Submit Your Manuscript

Send us your manuscript, and our formatting team will work their magic. We handle all of the elements, such as font style, spacing, images, and layout, to transform your manuscript into a professional book.


Receive & Review Your Book

Sit back and relax while we format your book. Once complete, you’ll receive your formatted book, ready for you to review and approve before publication. If any changes are necessary, we’ll begin rounds of revisions to ensure we meet your exact preferences.

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What does book formatting mean?

How does print book formatting differ from digital?

Print formatting focuses on optimizing the layout of physical books, with factors like page size, margin size, and pictures. Digital formatting adapts the layout for eBooks and requires a responsive design that works with different devices.

Do I need to work with a book publishing company for interior book formatting?

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