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Publishing a book can feel like a monumental task, especially when you do it on your own. There’s a whole world of design choices, marketing strategies, and printing options that you need to navigate before your book finds its audience. Count on Palmetto Publishing to guide you along the way.

Cookbooks have exploded in popularity in recent years. In 2020, for instance, sales of bread cookbooks increased by an astonishing 145%. It’s easy to see the appeal of these practical how-to manuals. Cookbooks allow readers to discover new recipes, learn about different cultures, master new techniques, and admire plenty of pictures of delicious foods.

If you’re an avid baker or cook, writing and publishing a cookbook can allow you to share your yummy creations with food-loving readers. However, the cookbook genre poses unique challenges for aspiring writers. You’ll need the right recipes, marketing campaign, photography, and publishing company to succeed in this competitive genre.

Luckily, you don’t have to do everything alone. The experts at Palmetto Publishing have extensive experience helping authors self-publish cookbooks, and we can help you take your cookbook from a beginning concept to a mouthwatering final product.

What Is the Cookbook Genre?

Cookbooks are nonfiction books that educate the audience about cooking techniques, dishes, and ingredients. They typically contain collections of recipes with step-by-step instructions that guide the reader through preparing a particular food.

The focus of cookbooks can vary widely. Popular themes and topics include:

  • Advanced cooking techniques
  • Beginner cookbooks
  • Cooking methods like baking or slow cooking
  • Dishes centered on one food like pasta or pizza
  • Environmentally friendly recipes
  • Family traditions
  • Favorite recipes of celebrities
  • Food and wine books that suggest wine pairings for each dish
  • Recipes for people with food intolerances, including dairy-free or gluten-free dishes
  • Regional cuisines, such as Chinese, Italian, and Peruvian foods
  • Weight-loss methods like the Atkins and keto diets
  • Vegetarian and vegan recipes

Your cooking expertise, intended audience, personal interests, and market trends can help you decide on a direction for your cookbook. For instance, if you’re a passionate vegan, you can use your cookbook to promote your values and share innovative recipes. And if you want to write a cookbook for children, you’ll likely want to stick to simple, fun recipes that young cooks can easily recreate.

Writing Cookbooks

Creating a cookbook often involves more steps and trial and error than other kinds of book writing. You’ll need to ensure that each recipe in your cookbook is delicious, easy for readers to reproduce in their kitchens, and unique from other dishes in your collection.

The process of writing a cookbook typically involves these steps:

  • Selecting a unifying theme or topic
  • Gathering relevant recipes
  • Developing new recipes
  • Asking nonexpert recipe testers to recreate your dishes and give feedback on the quality of the instructions and food
  • Troubleshooting and refining recipes as needed
  • Photographing the food
  • Organizing recipes in a coherent structure (alphabetically, by food, by region, etc.)
  • Writing supplemental materials, like an introduction, a short backstory for each recipe, or tips and tricks

Once you’ve lovingly crafted your dream cookbook manuscript, it’s time to choose a publishing method.

Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Cookbook

There are two main ways to publish your cookbook: pitch your book to traditional publishers or self-publish it.
Self-publishing may sound intimidating, but this method has many advantages over traditional publishing. For example, self-publishing allows you to:

  • Exercise complete creative control. You can decide on everything from cover art to the interior layout, and you won’t need to make drastic changes to please a fickle editor.
  • Keep all earnings. Any profits from your cookbook go straight to your bank account. You won’t have to pay a literary agent or split royalties with your publishing company, which can drastically reduce your profits.
  • Release your book on your timeline. Traditional publishers can take years to edit and publish your book. Self-publishing gets your cookbook into the hands of readers much faster.

Self-publishing does have some risks, including a higher financial investment and more limited distribution channels. But this method can be an excellent option if you don’t want to compromise your vision or sacrifice potential earnings from sales of your cookbook.

Publish Your Cookbook With Palmetto Publishing

Palmetto Publishing can make the self-publishing process affordable, easy, and fun. Our team can help you polish your cookbook and share it with the world. You can take advantage of our many book publishing services, including:

Cover Design

Your book’s cover needs to make a strong impression if you want it to entice potential readers to buy it. Palmetto Publishing offers a range of book cover design services for every budget. We will collaborate closely with you to bring your dream cover to life.

Interior Formatting

A well-designed layout is an essential element of any cookbook. Palmetto Publishing can format your book’s interior so that all of your ingredient lists, recipes, and photographs are arranged perfectly on the page.

Book Editing

Many writers struggle to notice errors in their books after they’ve spent countless hours rewriting and tweaking the test. Our expert editors will find and fix any lingering grammar mistakes so that your final product is perfectly polished. Our developmental editors can also provide in-depth feedback about your cookbook’s content and structure at any stage in the writing process.

Book Printing

You want to create a stylish and sturdy cookbook that readers can return to again and again. Palmetto Publishing offers custom options for e-book creation and physical printing. We can handle every aspect of printing your book, from choosing the type of paper to designing the dust jacket.

Book Marketing

If you want your cookbook to sell, you need to help readers discover it. Palmetto Publishing’s marketing team can help you develop and implement an effective marketing plan. We offer a range of promotional services, including building an author website, writing and distributing a press release, and designing custom business cards.

With Palmetto Publishing’s help, you can spend less time worrying about the nitty-gritty details of self-publishing and more time creating and selling your cookbook.

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Writing a cookbook is the perfect way to share your recipes and cooking philosophies with the world. Self-publishing ensures that your final product will match your original vision. And, as a bonus, you’ll retain all of the profits from your book sales.

Are you interested in learning more about self-publishing? Contact Palmetto Publishing today to learn more about our resources and services. Our expert team will help you transform your book manuscript into a high-quality cookbook that will make a valuable and aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen.

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After you write your book, the next step is to publish your story and get it into the hands of interested readers. If you want to retain maximum control over your book, consider self-publishing it. This method allows you to make the final decisions about everything from the cover design to printing. Additionally, you can earn higher royalties than you would if you published your book with a traditional publisher. Self-publishing may sound intimidating, but the process can be easy and fast with the help of a top-tier publishing company like Palmetto Publishing. We offer a variety of services to support writers through the self-publishing process, including:

Book Cover Design

We create genre-appropriate book covers that will catch readers’ attention. We offer several different packages to fit every budget and artistic need.

Editing Services

After you have spent countless hours writing and revising your book, your familiarity with the text can make it difficult to pick out continuity and grammar errors. Our book editing team will provide comprehensive feedback, from copyediting to in-depth developmental editing.


One of the most challenging aspects of publishing is making sure that readers can find and purchase your book. We provide book marketing services that make it easy for you to share your book with a diverse audience. For example, we can design intriguing back cover text and produce a custom author website.

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I would have to say the best part of this experience was the people that worked with me. Palmetto walked me through every step of the way, were tremendously supportive, and quick with responses to my sometimes-silly questions. As a first time author, knowing nothing about the publishing process, they made this a fabulous experience. Im am so happy that I chose to use Palmetto and look forward to working with this same group of highly professional associates on my next project.

– Danny Willcutt

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