Book Illustration Services

Bring your book to life with captivating illustrations created by one of our talented illustrators. Our artists are here to convey your story with a diverse range of illustration styles. Learn more about our book illustration services and find the best one for you!

Illustration Services

Spot Illustration

A spot illustration

Starting at

  • Small illustration with plenty of room for text
  • Usually takes up a third of the page or less
  • Great for chapter headings and vignettes

Half Page

A half page illustration

Starting at

  • Illustration fills about half of a page based on the selected trim size
  • Illustrators leave room for text on these pages

Full Page

A full page illustration

Starting at

  • A large single scene or a series of smaller illustrations that fill one page
  • Illustrators can leave room on the top or bottom of the page for text, or text can be placed on the opposite page

Two Page Spread

A two page illustration

Starting at

  • A single illustration across two pages
  • The spread will cover both left- and right-facing pages
  • Illustrators can leave room on one or both sides for text

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Palmetto Publishing Book Illustration Process

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Initial Consultation

Our book illustration services start with a thorough discussion about your work and goals to give us insight into your vision and preferences. Along with personalized guidance, we’ll also send a detailed questionnaire for you to provide details like chapter description, scene details, and color requests for each illustration you purchase.

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Illustrator Recommendations

Based on what we learn about your creative vision, our project managers will pair you with an illustrator whose artistic style is the right fit. If you prefer to choose or narrow down the options, we’re happy to provide examples of our artists’ work. We’ll always offer guidance and an initial sketch so that you can feel confident in your illustrations

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Pair With an Illustrator

Our talented illustrators have a track record for creating imaginative book illustrations that captivate readers. Once we’ve matched you with the right illustrator for your project, they’ll create an initial sketch to give you an idea of how your characters will look. After you receive the initial sketch, we provide two rounds of unlimited changes, so you can make adjustments as needed until the illustration aligns with your vision. If you need to switch illustrators or make additional rounds of changes, we’ll work together to decide the right path to move forward.

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Black-and-White Sketches

After you approve the initial sketch, we’ll move forward with the black-and-white phase. This phase includes a rough sketch of every illustration you purchased. You’ll receive a proof of the full set and have the opportunity to make two rounds of changes. If a third round is needed, we’ll discuss how to move forward with the final round of changes. At that time, we may require additional fees for complex changes or to restart an illustration. However, we want to keep you moving forward without extra costs, so we’ll communicate with you to avoid roadblocks and fees before they happen!

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Color Illustrations

Once you feel satisfied with your sketches, we’ll move on to the color phase. This phase is for both full-color and greyscale coloring. Illustrators ink lines and add color or shading. You’ll also have two rounds of changes to request color, shading, and minor detail changes. If you request additional or complex changes after the two rounds, your project manager will discuss these changes with you in more detail. After the final approval, we’ll transition from the illustration service to the formatting services, starting with your cover concept.

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Get Started

Whatever your vision, genre, or target audience, we can create the most eye-catching illustrations for your cover or interior pages. Contact our team today to see how we can help bring your book to life!

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Our Illustrators

Our mission is to help independent authors publish stunning, professional books. That’s why we have a pool of professional book illustrators you can count on to deliver incredible visuals at a reasonable price. 

When you use our illustration services at Palmetto Publishing, you simply pay the cost per illustration. We also back our illustrations with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our artists are here to bring your characters to life by utilizing a diverse range of illustration styles that are best suited for you!

Additional Self-Publishing Services


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Why Palmetto Publishing?

We offer various services for authors who want to self-publish their work. Here are four reasons why you should choose Palmetto Publishing.


Expert Illustration Services

We have a team of skilled illustrators who can create captivating page, cover, and character illustrations for books. Our illustrators ensure your book’s images are aesthetically pleasing and convey the message and emotions of your story.


Personalized Approach

We take the time to get to know you, your writing, and your publishing goals. During our initial consultation, we learn more about your unique vision so we can provide tailored solutions for your needs.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As your dedicated publishing team, we’re committed to investing the time and effort needed to polish your book to perfection according to your exact specifications. This commitment is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced team is ready to help you succeed throughout your publishing journey, no matter how large or small the project.


Comprehensive Support

Our services go beyond book illustrations. We offer a comprehensive range of support during the self-publishing process. From editing and formatting to cover design and marketing services, we’re a one-stop solution for self-publishing.

See Why Authors Love Working With Us

We’ve helped many authors captivate readers through our book illustration services. See what they’re saying about Palmetto Publishing!

Dinosaurs! Book Cover
Five Star Rating

“I have to say that I could not have chosen a better company than Palmetto Publishing to work with me on my Children’s books. With my first book, I was anxious. I didn’t know the process of it all. My project manager, Erin, was there for me every step of the way. She always got back to me whenever I had any questions or concerns. She was very helpful (and patient) and you could tell that she really cares about you and your book. My illustrator, Becky, did such a fantastic job on bringing my words to life with her sketches. I can go on and on about them, but these are only a few of the reasons why I chose to work with them again on my second Children’s book. I highly recommend Palmetto Publishing if you are interested in self publishing a book. I know that I will be going back to them when I am ready to self publish my third Children’s book.”

Danielle B


How much do book illustrations cost?

Do book illustrators get royalties?

At Palmetto Publishing, our illustrators do not get royalties. When you use our illustrator services, you simply pay the cost per illustration and do not have to worry about future royalties.

A one-time payment for illustrations is an advantage, as most trade publishers offer royalties to illustrators. If your contract with an illustrator outside of Palmetto Publishing is on a royalty basis, that illustrator will get a percentage share of the book sales profits.

How do authors and illustrators work together?

How do I choose an illustration style for children’s book illustration services?

Think about the kind of illustrations you enjoyed as a child and what made them so appealing. If you find similar-looking samples, you can consult with our team to be matched with an illustrator whose style fits your concept.