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You’ve poured your heart and soul into your book, crafting every sentence with care and precision. Now that your masterpiece is finished, we want to ensure all your hard work pays off. Our expert book marketing services and vital marketing materials can help you get your book noticed by readers, media outlets, and new audiences.


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A Collaborative Approach to
Marketing Your Book

When you work with Palmetto Publishing, you can expect a personalized and collaborative book promotion experience. We’ll start with a 30-minute call with your dedicated publishing consultant to create a strategy unique to your goals, genre, and skills. Our expert guidance, combined with your passion and drive, form the foundation for a winning marketing plan that showcases your book to the world. Here are just a few of our book marketing options, with pricing.

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Marketing Copy


  • Long and Short Back Cover Texts: We create two versions of the back cover synopsis to entice readers, one 250 words and another 75 words, depending on your needs and the space available.
  • Online Book Description: These are search-engine-optimized book descriptions, perfect for online platforms like Amazon.
  • Searchable Keywords and BISACs: We ensure your book gets marketed, shelved, and categorized appropriately, providing BISAC categorizations and five appropriate keywords to ensure your book is easy to search.
  • Author Biography: A personal touch for your book, with an engaging author bio and photo to help readers connect with you and your work.
  • Tagline Suggestions and Headlines: We’ll generate a list of concise, attention-grabbing taglines and elevator pitches that you can use in social media, business card blurbs, and other promotional materials.
  • Professional Industry Insight: Access to Palmetto Publishing’s decades of combined industry experience.

Press Release & Distribution

The Palmetto team will craft a targeted press release that effectively presents your book to the appropriate media channels and gets the word out. With over 780,000 available media connections, we have ample opportunities to get your book in front of people who can help raise awareness for your book.

  • 100 outlets — $729
  • 500 outlets — $929
  • 1,000 outlets — $1029
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Newswire Article


This is a paid media article blast sent to hundreds of newsrooms for guaranteed coverage. We’ll help you reach dozens of local papers and online sites. Though we can’t guarantee which outlets will pick up the article, it’s very common for it to be posted on outlets like Yahoo News, local affiliates of Fox, ABC, and NBC, and hundreds of other high-traffic sites. After the article is published, we’ll provide a report detailing article placements, views, and clicks to your Amazon book listing.

Publishers Weekly Ad

The foremost authority in the book publishing industry, Publisher’s Weekly is a highly influential brand that can effectively signal boost your book. We’ll design a customized advertisement for your book for placement in an upcoming issue.
Choose one of three design sizes:

  • Whole Page — $3,300
  • Half Page — $2,200
  • Third Page Vertical — $1,600
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Publishers Weekly Q&A

Get up close and personal with your potential readers, giving a sneak peek at your book with a professional Q&A style article with your author photo and book cover.

  • Whole Page — $3,600
  • Half Page — $2,700

Author Website


A custom website for you and your published works. Includes:

  • An author biography section
  • A sales page linking to your book’s Amazon listing
  • A contact page
  • An editable blog
  • Other pages advertising the book (if needed)
  • Input in the design process
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Marketing Package With Press Release


  • Press release & distribution
  • Marketing Copy
  • 20 softcover books
  • 100 custom-designed postcards
  • 250 custom-designed business cards
  • 50 custom-designed bookmarks
  • 2 posters for book signings

Marketing Package With Newswire


  • Newswire Article
  • Marketing Copy
  • 20 softcover books
  • 100 custom-designed postcards
  • 200 custom-designed business cards
  • 50 custom-designed bookmarks
  • 2 posters for book signings
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How Our Book Marketing Process Works

When you partner with Palmetto Publishing for your book marketing services, you open the door to a dynamic process that propels your creation into the spotlight.

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a consultation call with your dedicated publishing consultant. We’re not just interested in your book; we’re invested in your vision. By delving into your goals, genre nuances, target audience aspirations, and the essence of your creation, we lay the foundation for a marketing strategy tailored uniquely to you.

Material Creation

With insights gathered and a firm understanding of your goals, our creative artists roll up their sleeves to create eye-catching marketing materials for your book. This may include compelling book descriptions, intriguing press releases, and relatable author biographies that allow readers to get a better sense of where the book came from. Together, these materials go a long way to excite readers and media members alike.

Distribution and Promotion

Utilizing our vast web of carefully selected media contacts, Palmetto Publishing unveils your masterpiece to the world. By distributing and presenting our marketing materials to just the right media outlets, we can get your book in front of eager readers most likely to engage with it and drum up the buzz it needs to succeed.

Author Involvement

Your journey with us is collaborative. Every step of the way, we value your insights, champion your creativity, and encourage your active participation. Together, we can achieve success that resonates with readers and beyond.

Is Marketing a Book Worth It?


Your book deserves to be more than a title on a shelf. You deserve the gratification of having readers who appreciate and understand your work. Palmetto’s self-publishing marketing services are all about connecting you and your book to readers who will fall in love with your words and give you career fulfillment.

 We’ll give your book a competitive boost that can give your work a wider audience and create the buzz you need to increase potential book sales. Palmetto Publishing gives your book a truly professional public face that increases its chance of success.

What Do Book Marketing Services Do for You?


Here are a few things book marketing services can offer

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Palmetto’s self-publishing marketing services put decades of publishing experience at your fingertips. By staying up-to-date with the most current marketing trends, techniques, and tools, we can guide you to the best possible marketing decisions and give your book the fighting chance it deserves.

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Time and Effort

Marketing a book is a big investment of your valuable time and effort. You’re a talented storyteller, so why not focus more effort on making your book even better and outsource some of the marketing to a professional team? We know that through your creative vision and our combined, focused efforts, we can create a stellar marketing partnership that amplifies the results you get from your book and increases its overall reach.

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Targeted Reach

Palmetto’s book marketing services give you access to a wide network of connections and contacts in the media. Based on your book’s target audience, Palmetto Publishing can create a targeted book promotion strategy to pinpoint potential readers who will genuinely enjoy and support your work.

Why Palmetto Publishing for Marketing?


Self-publishing is an admirable and worthwhile pursuit. At Palmetto Publishing, we hold your dreams close to our hearts and understand the struggles that accompany this aspiration. By choosing Palmetto Publishing for your marketing services, you’ll experience the following benefits and more:


Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience and generations in the family business of publishing, we understand the challenges that self-published authors experience. Our expertise can guide you to the best solutions for your book, making certain that you and your book get the highest-quality book marketing services and guidance available.



Books are not one-size-fits-all affairs. We make great efforts to hone in on your specific book marketing needs, your goals for your book, and the particular needs of your genre. We collaborate closely with you to ensure your book receives the proper marketing strategy.


One-Stop Solution

Not only do we offer book marketing for authors, but Palmetto Publishing also provides a range of other services for your book, from cover design to interior formatting. Streamline your journey through self-publishing and gain access to important self-publishing resources, all in one place.


Supportive Partnership

Authors who self-publish with Palmetto Publishing become a part of our community of ambitious writers. We seek to build a long-term relationship with each author, providing unwavering support along your creative journey.

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Five Star Rating

“I’ve worked with Palmetto for my first two novels and have had a most positive experience. While the actual writing is done by the author there is so much more that goes into publishing. This is where the professionals at Palmetto have helped me from rounds of editing, to cover designs and marketing I am most pleased and will work with them again for future works, knowing they will make a product that is professional and exemplifies the work that went into the writing. Much thanks!”

Jason Marinko



Can I Purchase Book Marketing Services from Palmetto Publishing Separately From Publishing Services?

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Every book is different, and factors like genre, target audiences, and real-world demand will all influence the results your book will see from marketing. That said, the answer to this question will vary for every author.

Do I Have Any Say Over the Creation of Marketing Materials?

Absolutely! Palmetto Publishing strongly values the input of our authors, and we want to ensure that your book is represented as your book in all marketing efforts. In all of our marketing materials, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure marketing is faithful to your vision and captures the essence of your work.