Audiobook Publishing

Palmetto offers an audiobook self-publishing service that helps authors successfully transform their written works into engaging, professionally narrated audiobooks. Learn more about our service below and how an audiobook can benefit your readers.

Palmetto Publishing Audiobook Service

Discover the transformative power of turning your written words into captivating audio experiences that connect with a broader audience.

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Audiobook Publishing

$690 for up to 10k words, then $.069 per word

  • Professional narrator
  • Recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services
  • Licensed music for your intro and outro
  • Distribution to Audible and Apple

How Palmetto’s Audiobook Publishing
Service Works

We work closely with authors throughout the audiobook publishing process to ensure your audiobook matches your vision. Here’s what you can expect.

Audiobook Questionnaire Icon

Audiobook Questionnaire

We start the audiobook publishing process once the final interior is approved. We’ll send an audiobook questionnaire that asks you to describe your ideal narrator based on gender, accent, and more. Our questionnaire also asks you to specify any words that need special pronunciation and any other special notes.

Narrator Selection Icon

Narrator Selection

We open a casting call to 500+ professional narrators. Narrators that are a good match will submit five-minute auditions for your approval. You’ll typically get five to ten different auditions. This step takes seven to ten business days.

Recording Icon


After selecting a narrator, it’s time to start recording. Your book will be recorded in chapters if it has them. We send the raw audio recordings for you to review for misreads and mistakes, then rerecord any edits. You’ll receive a changes form to record all necessary changes.

Editing Icon


After you approve the raw audio, we record and add backing music to the opening and closing credit files. We then go through the recording word by word to apply manual detail editing for breath control, lip/mouth sounds, pace corrections, and remove any other unwanted sounds.

After this, we apply a carefully balanced mix with EQ, Compression, Saturation, and other production tools to achieve a nice and warm overall sound. The final step of the editing process is to master and format the audio to meet audiobook requirements and ensure outlets accept them.

Final Review Icon

Final Review

Once editing is complete, we’ll send you the final audiobook to review. When you’re satisfied and approve the final product, we’ll distribute your audiobook to retailers, making your work accessible to a broader audience of eager listeners.

Superior Quality Audiobook Creation

Our service helps you publish a high-quality audiobook without breaking the bank. You can also set your narrator preferences based on gender, accent, and tone of voice. We pair you with the perfect narrator to bring your book to life. Once complete, Palmetto helps you sell your audiobook through Audible and Apple.

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2. Quality

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3. Adjustments for Headphone Users

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4. Satisfaction Guarantee

Palmetto Audiobooks VS DIY Audiobooks

Additional Self-Publishing Services

Here are some of the additional services we provide to authors.

Cover Design
Cover Design

Authors Love Our Work

See what our customers are saying about our professional book cover design services!

How to Survive Ghosts, Cats & Psychopaths
Five Star Rating

“Great editors! They also provided impressive cover art for all my books. Can’t say enough good things about them”

Dana K.C. Gill, Author of “How to Survive Ghosts, Cats & Psychopaths”

How much does it cost to make an audiobook?

Can any book become an audiobook?

Are audiobooks popular?

Why should I publish an audiobook?

  • Audiobooks are now a standard in the book publishing industry. Most readers expect an audiobook version of every book.
  • Producing an audiobook will complete the digital formats circle and can deliver your story to all potential audiences, both readers and listeners.
  • Millions of people worldwide don’t have time to sit and read a book. People can listen to audiobooks pretty much anywhere — from road trips and work commutes, to cleaning around the house.
  • Many people have vision issues making it difficult to read books. Audiobooks allow them to enjoy books like anyone else.
  • Audiobooks can influence and support the performance of other versions (like ebooks or physical) and vice versa.
  • By self-publishing an audiobook, you give your readers even more ways to enjoy your book.

What are the delivery timelines?

  • 1 to 4 hours of audio: About 3 to 5 weeks
  • 5 to 8 hours of audio: about 4 to 8 weeks
  • Longer audiobooks will take longer to complete

Will I retain the proceeds?

  • 20% of net receipts for a la carte sales
  • 20% of member credit receipts
  • 20% of catalog subscription service receipts
  • 70% of net receipts for library sales