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Share your wisdom and grow your brand by publishing business books. Palmetto Publishing is the perfect partner for writers of all experience levels. We help authors find self-publishing success and are proud of our work with clients who’ve published business books.

Take advantage of our expertise at any stage of the writing journey. We believe you have something important to say. And we can’t wait to hear it and help you share it with the world.


Share your knowledge and educate others by publishing non-fiction books. Everyone has a book inside them, waiting to come out. If you’re an expert in a specific field or have a true story you need to tell, you may have a non-fiction book worth sharing with the world.

Publishing a non-fiction book takes effort, but you don’t have to do it alone. Palmetto Publishing can support you through the publishing process of your non-fiction book.


Books in the self-help genre are popular choices for readers everywhere, bringing assistance and advice to numerous aspects of life. From mental health to finance books, self-help books bring real insight that readers can apply to their everyday lives, helping them reach their goals, overcome challenges, and more. Writing and publishing a self-help book is a challenging yet rewarding process, with the potential to help thousands of people and help you grow your career.


The inspirational book genre has been on the rise in recent years, with authors writing stories to inspire and uplift readers around the world. Inspirational books come in a variety of different forms, overlapping with fiction, nonfiction, religious, and potentially any other genre out there. Like with any genre, publishing work in the inspirational genre comes with unique protocols that authors should be aware of to ensure success.


Biographies allow readers to delve into the lives of real-life people, including celebrities, historical figures, or even new names. They offer unique insight into the experiences and mind of another person, expanding our perspectives as we read along. When writing and publishing a biography, authors should be aware of the formulas and publishing methods of this genre to ensure the success of their work.


The fiction genre allows writers to share creative stories with readers. Fiction books feature imaginary characters, plot elements, or settings. This flexible genre can depict invented characters falling in love, retell historical events, or take readers on a tour of a fantastical world — sometimes all in the same book.


How-to books give readers essential, fun, and life-changing guides to navigating tasks or life experiences. From cooking to storytelling to organizing one’s life, how-to books help guide the way. Here, we’ve compiled a how-to for writing and self-publishing your how-to book with the help of Palmetto Publishing.


From Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter, children’s books have amused and educated young readers for centuries. These imaginative stories often feature heroic child protagonists who overcome obstacles and save the day. Children’s books may target kid audiences, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy or quick to produce. To write a quality children’s book, you will need commitment, time, and insight into which stories will resonate with young audiences. You will also need to design, edit, and publish your book.

Autobiographies & Memoirs

You’ve had a remarkable life, and you want to share your story with the world. Consider writing an autobiography if you want to inspire others with the pivotal events of your life. Texts in this genre provide readers with an intimate look at the authors’ experiences and perspectives. Many famous people create autobiographies, but regular people also write fascinating stories in this genre.


Many people want to gain a deeper understanding of religion and spirituality. Religious books help readers learn more about their faith and inspire a closer relationship with God. These narratives also allow authors to recount their spiritual journeys. Writing a religious book can educate readers about your beliefs and faith, offering a uniquely emotional and spiritually fulfilling experience.


Cookbooks have exploded in popularity in recent years. In 2020, for instance, sales of bread cookbooks increased by an astonishing 145%. It’s easy to see the appeal of these practical how-to manuals. Cookbooks allow readers to discover new recipes, learn about different cultures, master new techniques, and admire plenty of pictures of delicious foods. If you’re an avid baker or cook, writing and publishing a cookbook can allow you to share your yummy creations with food-loving readers.

Art & Photography

The art and photography genre provides a wonderful outlet for artists to showcase their work. Art and photography books come in various forms, with some containing in-depth knowledge of art history, while others exist simply for stylish additions to coffee tables. Publishing an art or photography book comes with unique requirements and strategies for ensuring the book’s success. Read on to learn more about the art and photography genre, publishing an art book, and how you can self-publish the right way.