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Publishing a book can feel like a monumental task, especially when you do it on your own. There’s a whole world of design choices, marketing strategies, and printing options that you need to navigate before your book finds its audience. Count on Palmetto Publishing to guide you along the way.

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The inspirational book genre has been on the rise in recent years, with authors writing stories to inspire and uplift readers around the world. Inspirational books come in a variety of different forms, overlapping with fiction, nonfiction, religious, and potentially any other genre out there. Like with any genre, publishing work in the inspirational genre comes with unique protocols that authors should be aware of to ensure success.

Publishing one’s book is no easy feat, and deciding the best publishing route for you can be difficult. Luckily, Palmetto Publishing provides countless resources to guide you through the process. Palmetto helps authors get their books into the hands of their readers through our informative articles on everything writing and publishing, our book writing and self-publishing services, and our expert guidance. Continue reading to learn more about the inspirational genre, publishing an inspirational book, and whether self-publishing is right for you.

What is Inspirational Fiction / Non-fiction?

The Inspirational book genre can encompass a wide variety of books. Overall, these books are written to inspire the reader. The inspirational genre can include both fiction and nonfiction, so long as the stories are inspiring. Inspirational books may fall into multiple genres including:

  • Religion and spirituality
  • Health and fitness
  • Self-help
  • Historical
  • Young Adult
  • Auto-biographical, biographical, and memoir
  • Fantasy
  • Business
  • Political
  • Action-adventure
  • Children’s

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Practically any book written with the intent to inspire and uplift readers may be in the inspirational book genre. In inspirational novels, characters may overcome obstacles, go through transformations, or come to existential realizations that, in turn, inspire the reader to embark on their own journey or adopt a new outlook on life. Thus, many self-help books, health and fitness books, and religion and spirituality books fall into the inspirational genre as well.

The majority of inspirational books intersect with the religious genre, particularly the Christian genre, consisting of faith-based content written to inspire the reader. In inspirational religion and spirituality books, characters typically find inspiration through a spiritual journey or by encountering a higher power. An example of an inspirational religious book is “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, which intends to inspire readers to believe in Christianity. Religious inspirational fiction may also be called “clean fiction”, being free of explicit content that goes against one’s faith. Thus, religious inspirational books and young adult books often intersect as well.

Publishing Inspirational books

As with all genres, there are unique tactics to utilize when writing and publishing inspirational books. As for content, the most important aspect of an inspirational book is having an impactful story that truly inspires readers or a specific audience. A less impactful story may have trouble succeeding amongst inspirational book competitors, so this should be an inspirational author’s primary focus.

Additionally, the methods one uses to publish an inspirational book can make or break its success. When it comes to the inspirational genre, crafting the best title and cover is vital to make your book stand out to the right audience. In addition, reaching your audience through online marketing and media outreach is essential to spread the word about your book. Self-publishing is an excellent option for inspirational books with many benefits, as described below.

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Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing can be beneficial for all types of books, including inspirational books. While traditional publishing brings strains like long waiting processes, reduced royalties, and alterations of one’s content, self-publishing allows authors to:

  • Publish their books fast, without waiting for the approval of others
  • Remain in control of creativity and content
  • Publish for niche audiences
  • Start advertising as soon as possible
  • Earn more royalties

Overall, self-publishing is a rewarding method for publishing your inspirational novel, allowing you to reach your audience fast.

How Palmetto can help

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, Palmetto Publishing can give you the tools to successfully self-publish and market your book. Palmetto Publishing is a leading self-publishing service provider that guides authors throughout the entire book publishing process, from writing to advertising. Palmetto Publishing provides the following comprehensive services to authors in the inspirational genre and beyond:

Writing and Editing

Palmetto helps authors from the initial stages of crafting their books, including the writing stage. While writing your book, you can access expert resources from Palmetto to guide you through your book writing process, such as our Book Writing Process 101 guide. Once your writing process is complete, Palmetto comes in to expertly polish your work with our editing services. Having an outside source to edit your work is essential for any writer, as another eye can catch mistakes and provide new insight. Partnering with an expert editor like Palmetto ensures your book meets your genre’s standards, reads cohesively and effectively, is free of typos, and is polished to be the best version possible.

Cover Design

Unfortunately—or sometimes, fortunately—readers do judge books by their covers. While a lacking cover can turn potential readers away, a well-crafted cover can make your book stand out on the shelf. Palmetto’s expert graphic designers craft perfect covers for authors to help catch your readers’ eyes. Our cover design services include cover conceptualization, quality Getty images provision, and custom illustration.

Interior Formatting

Palmetto Publishing also provides interior formatting services to ensure your book’s formatting is up to standard within your genre. All genres have different formatting structures that authors should follow to legitimize their works, and working with Palmetto takes care of this process for you. Palmetto offers formatting services for eBooks, classic print formatting, custom formatting, and more complex formatting to cover all your formatting needs—no matter your genre.


For novels that require the addition of illustrations, Palmetto has you covered. We match you with the perfect illustrator who will bring your vision to life, creating beautiful images to accompany your writing.


Palmetto provides custom printing services to print your completed work with professional, industry-leading printing. Palmetto provides an affordable printing solution for self-publishing authors, without compromising quality. This way, you can get your book into physical form, fast.


Palmetto also provides expert marketing assistance to spread the word about your book(s). We have over 780,000 media contacts and ensure that your book reaches the right audience. Palmetto offers full book marketing services, as well as individual press release services, author website services, and marketing copy services to catapult your book marketing process.


Writing and publishing an inspirational book is no easy feat, but working with a self-publishing service provider like Palmetto Publishing can guide you along the way. We help you through this crucial process so your book makes its way to your reader’s hands in no time.