Vickie Monroe Guerry

365 Days of Grief and Love

This raw, honest, and emotional memoir by Vickie Guerry was written during the 2020 pandemic, in an attempt to cope with her grief at the loss of her husband of 33 years, as well as with other challenges that she experienced during those 365 days. The narrative explores her thoughts and often overwhelming feelings of grief, anger, frustration, and fear, as well as hope, support, and love, and deals with the subjects of death, divorce, elections, and Covid-19, among others. It was not written as a spiritual or religious influence, but rather as a way one woman coped with her world through journaling. This is her first publication, undertaken after friends and colleagues who read the manuscript encouraged her to publish the work as a means of reaching others walking the path of grief. She hopes her book leaves readers feeling that someone else shares and understands their new emotions and experiences, has dealt with their “new normal” and is continuing to subsist.


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