Danielle Chery

40 Ounces of Tears

Even in the darkest days, hope is the path to light.

A young, curious Electa longs to find a person who was once part of her life. After many years, she decides to go on a secret mission to reunite with this now stranger even though her loved ones forbade her not to. Through this journey of hope, not only does she discover that her search was a vain attempt to fill a void, but she also encounters a very dark side of this person that only comes out after his excessive consumption of alcohol. The closer she gets to accepting that he has sunken into his dark reality, the closer she gets to ridding herself away from him and his cup. Though Electa tries to save him, she cannot do so without having to sacrifice herself in his drunken woes.

In this thought-provoking story of hope and forgiveness that was inspired from real life, readers are urged not to give up hope for a loved one who is an alcohol abuser and in denial about being one. There is a need to understand such a person, provide support, and let them be if they do not wish to seek or receive help. Loving them less because of an uncontrollable issue they can’t deal with will only cause more pain and damage to those on the opposite side of the fence.

Written for adolescents as well as adults. An excellent resource for high schools, colleges, churches, substance abuse/recovery programs and any entity that focuses on family dysfunction caused by substance abuse.


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