M.R. Hosein

ABC – The Three-Legged Racehorse

My name is ABC, and I am a horse. When I was still very young, I approached one of the big horses to say hi, and to my surprise, he attacked me! I tried to defend myself, but he broke my leg and I could not walk. The farmer needed help, so he brought me to a nearby village. That was how I met Mr. Bert and my kids. Mr. Bert was a kind man who knew all about the proper care of animals. He and his kids brought me home, and Mr. Bert helped me get better. Eventually, I could stand and walk on all four legs. But I was not a pet. Every horse in Mr. Bert’s stable had a job to do-either as a racehorse or a workhorse. To my dismay, I became a workhorse and had to carry things for the stable. This was not what I wanted. My kids had always treated me like a beautiful racehorse and would race me around the yard. I wanted to be a racehorse! One day my impossible dream came true. It was a national holiday, celebrated with dancing, delicious food, and horse racing. That year there was a shortage of racehorses, so my kids had a great idea. “Let’s enter ABC!” I will never forget that day. I was so excited. And I was very proud because the children believed in me. I decided I must win the race for my kids. But could I do it? ABC’s story stands as a reminder that dreams really can come true. A perfect read-along book for parents, teachers, and caregivers to show children of all ages with dreams they think cannot come true that if you work hard, and with the help of others, you can achieve most goals you set for yourself.


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