William C. Knowles Ed.D

Alien Highway

Elliot Murphy and family have just survived a deadly attack by the Pleiadian aliens. Before they were killed, they were transported to a friendly alien starship, where several seriously wounded family members were saved. The Anunnaki aliens have been over watching Earth’s humans since the early days of the human race, and now they are watching the construction of a new highway between the desert town of Las Vegas, Nevada and the new dam on the Colorado River. Along the highway was where the mob originated the expression “86,” to be taken “eight miles out of town and buried six feet under.” The suspense builds when the Pleiadians invade “Groom Lake,” some might call Area “51.” Hydreel, the Pleiadian commander had recently destroyed the Russian base at Kasputin Yar, and wanted to destroy Groom Lake with the intent of killing the old Anunnaki who had survived the Roswell crash. Hydreel, the Pleiadian commander wanted the old Anunnaki dead before the Anunnaki aliens could transfer more advanced technology to Earh.


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