Arika Hanks

Bold Pursuit

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is?
Do you crave clarity on how to find and pursue your God-given calling?
Maybe you know what you are called to do, but are unsure of your next steps.

What if your calling is not this mystery you must solve in order to pursue, but that it is the exact place you are right now? That it’s not a matter of finding your calling; but it is living boldly, confidently and faithful in your everyday life.

In this motivational, faith-based guide, Arika Hanks gives readers sound advice and provides specific action items about walking in your purpose, along with practical insight into the importance of remaining focused and faithful in the daily. You will learn to identify your skills, and to unpack the things that might be getting in the way of your obedience to God’s calling for your life.

If you feel chained to limiting beliefs or are without direction, this inspirational book will help you get clear about taking the next steps toward fulfilling your dreams and boldly pursuing the calling God has for you.


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