Jamie M. Powell

Bringing Back Bacteria

Fermenting food has never been easier!! I have specially created ferments that can be ready to eat in just seven days or less. Ferments that will produce a bubbly probiotic that your gut will continue to crave. This book gives you the confidence you need to get off the couch and into the kitchen fermenting! I guide you through a few case studies and personal experience to show you the many benefits that bacteria can give us. Fermenting no longer has to be a challenge! The wild path is truly the easiest technique for preservation. Here you will find recipes even the novice can conquer. This beautiful resource on bacteria is sure to get you on your wild path to fermented foods. You will find thorough steps with tips and tricks to keep you motivated along the way.

“Come take a gentle walk with me as I give you the tools to begin your path. I guide you into the kitchen to explore the art of wild fermentation. Come join me in bringing back bacteria!”

-Jamie M. Powell


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