T. Bradford Hurdle

Eden’s Edge

June 5th 1951… it is a warm summer morning in the quiet little town of Eden?s Edge, North Carolina, and Lisanne Walters has just stumbled upon the mutilated body of Jared Michaels. A member of one of the most prominent families in town, the victim seemingly has no enemies. But, if that was true, why would someone torture him and dump his naked body in the middle of Town Square? That is one of the many questions SBI Detective Donovan Wolf intends to answer during his stay in this quaint town. As he investigates, he quickly learns that things are not exactly as they seem. The town is shrouded in secrecy and steeped in religious fanaticism. While there is no shortage of suspects, there is only circumstantial evidence. To make matters worse, the townspeople seem more intent on gossip than finding the killer. As he deals with false leads and hidden threats from the murderer, Wolf struggles to make sense of the evidence and fight against his own self-doubt. Will he ever find the evidence he needs to bring Jared?s killer to justice or will this murder become just another unsolved case? When Wolf finally comes face to face with the killer, he begins the fight of his life. If he wins, the killer will be brought to justice and Jared will be vindicated. If he loses, he will become the killer?s second victim and the truth will die with him.


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