Heidi Sill


This spiritual and insightful book by Heidi Sill gives readers proven strategies to get past the emotional traumas of being fatherless or having an absentee father, and the repercussions of those family dynamics.

A common phrase in the Christian community advises, “Let go and let God.” But that is not always easy, especially when it comes to father issues. How many times do we give God a problem only to find that we keep taking it back because we can’t or won’t fully surrender it to Him? Heidi struggled with this for many years before God showed her how to make intentional choices in her life’s journey.

You, too, have the power of choice, a free will given by God to mankind. Instead of being stuck in a perpetual destructive emotional cycle, you can choose to be a victor rather than a victim, and take a path to be successful despite your circumstances. Yes, you can attempt to overcome the emotional pain stemming from “father wounds” without divine intervention, taking on the human effort of masking emotions…and no doubt eventually failing. That really doesn’t work, no matter how hard you try. Or, you can choose to submit your pain to God. God gave Heidi the blueprint to overcome her pain through His Word, the Bible, and He will give it to you, as well.


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