Zack Jordan

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Welcome to the happy, healthy, magical lifestyle of the centenarian! The path Zack Jordan lays out to becoming a centenarian is simple. By embracing six major building blocks or principles-Mother Nature’s Six Health Care Commandments-readers will experience a much healthier body in just ten short weeks, which is about how long it takes to replace a large percentage of our body’s trillions of cells. Each commandment has its own chapter, beginning in alphabetical order with Attitude, Diet, Exercise, Fasting, Hydration, and Sleep. The book also explores what Dr. David Perlmutter, Paul Bragg, Dr. Walter Bortz, and others have to say about Mother Nature’s greatest miracles. It is a truly holistic approach. The lives and biographies of the amazing centenarians chronicled in this book will inspire readers to embrace the simple truths that make it possible to easily enjoy 100 healthy, productive years, and more.


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