Jimmie L Lucas

For Forty Days

In this devotional journal, Jimmie L. Lucas takes reader on a transformative ride through life. The part of life we have all experienced daily but often exist through it and not live within in it. Jimmie wants each reader to live the life they have always dreamed of and not continue to exist in the life that they have been given. For Forty Days is a devotional, devoted to offer you peace and tranquility. The purpose of this devotional is to take real life conditions and everyday situations and show how the parables, things which are often seen daily and are very rarely noticed can shape the course of our lives. If you just take a few seconds to not just open your eyes but also your hearts and minds, the life God has had in store for you since birth is merely at the end of your fingertips. For Forty Days will teach you that even a clock is perfect twice a day, a broken crayon can still color from both ends, and a rose can grow through the concrete.


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