Andrew Ross

For The Beauty of the Gloaming

Oxford philosopher Dr. Thomas Stewart is found dead high upon a cliff overlooking Borgarnes, Iceland. Behind him lies a cave, an empty chest, and, for Borgarnes police chief Bjorn Karlsson, a lot of unanswered questions. Why was Dr. Stewart up there? How did he die? Did he find something up among the hills, and, if so, where is it now? And, most important, who was with him? The answers that slowly unravel are both surprising and fascinating, involving Dr. Stewart’s beautiful and intelligent daughter Sophia, a Canadian hermit, a local Icelandic philosopher and the mysteries of ancient Greece.

For the Beauty of the Gloaming is a spellbinding literary novel that delves into such issues as forgiveness, grief, and gratitude, while exploring the relationship between father and daughter; the intricate connections between the good, the true, and the beautiful; theunique joy and intimacy of the collegiate friendships of our youth; and the rippling effects of love and death across the decades.


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