Frank L Cloutier

Frankly Speaking

Geographically, it ranges from the Aleutians and Anchorage to Islamabad, from Biloxi to Brussels, and Maine to Mississippi. Vocationally, it covers the waterfront from student to assistant professor, from field engineer to vice-president, and from author to Program Manager. Recreational activities include some memorable Alaskan hunting and fishing adventures as well as a third of a million miles in six different recreational vehicles. He installed the first jam-resistant radio in a tactical aircraft, and he co-authored The Strategy of Electro-magnetic Conflict. He was on the ground for the momentous Good Friday earthquake in Anchorage in 1964 and in Islamabad for the assassination of President Zia-ul-Haq in 1988. Along the way he enjoyed a six decade plus marriage to Durelle, raised two kids, had four grandkids, college graduates all; and now has three great-grandkids.

Pick up any chapter or read the entire book. You will appreciate the many unusual adventures as well as his polished craftsmanship of storytelling.


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