Gilmore, Julia M.

Girl With the Floral Tattoos: A Memoir

the girl with the floral tattoos is a memoir written in prose demonstrating the power of what is on our skin.

the girl with the floral tattoos is my journey that explores obstacles associated with the transition from adolescence to womanhood, self-acceptance, moving forward from the past, and faith in the power of femininity over patriarchal beliefs.

the girl with the floral tattoos is also a story about my struggle growing up with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in a world where the stigma surrounding mental health has improved yet is still prevalent.

A mental health disorder is invisible, so it can look like anything. My goal is to inspire to show how hope, growth, and acceptance is possible for those who suffer from mental health disorders through acknowledgment, education, and use of mental health resources.


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