Philip M. Carr-Harris

I Remember My Eighth Birthday

I Remember My Eighth Birthday is the story of an eight-year old child-whose gender is not revealed so all young readers might see themselves in this-who wakes to find a red ruksak at the foot of the bed in which is a handwritten note that reads: Gather objects from your world, Common and uncommon things, A secret then will be unfurled, You will travel with your wings. Thingamajigs for every year, Wherever you might find them. Some are far, others near, Then understand this poem. This launches the child on a birthday journey (with subtle references to Homer’s Odyssey) to find eight thingamajigs that hold a secret. The secret is unfurled in a daydream when the objects come to life, each singing a verse of poetry. The tale ends at tea with mother who suggests that maybe this could be a story to write. The eighth thingamajig is a pen.


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