Julian Klazkin

It’s A Peachy Deal

In Toadland, the Orange Toad (Toadie) is a ruthless and greedy businessman and politician. He takes advantage of most people who do business with him. One day he meets his match when he runs into Ruth Bader Ladybug (RBL). She’s looking to purchase a new apartment or cabin in the woods. She’s also thinking of joining a golf club. Toadie owns properties that might be attractive to RBL and he decides to take her to visit each one. During that process, RBL notices that Toadie is not giving or thoughtful in his dealings with other people. She decides to teach him a lesson. How? She “peaches” him. What does that mean? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out, but rest assured, after being “peached”, the Orange Toad becomes a more thoughtful and giving toad.


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