Nolan Carroll

It’s Up To You

Not Afraid of Dreaming & Making Your Dreams Come True: The Road to Success and Putting a Stop to Limiting Beliefs as Told by NFL Star Nolan Carroll

It’s up to you!

It’s always been up to you.

It’s also up to you to decide what you’re going to do with this empowering fact!

Unfortunately, we seem to forget how powerful we are. It’s perfectly human to feel sad, discouraged, even destroyed at times. The reality is, we often have more on our plates than we believe we can take. Don’t you dare forget for a second that pain is temporary! Because, if you got this far, what’s stopping you now?

From the mind of a successful NFL star Nolan Carroll comes the book of the year – It’s Up to You! Part biography, part an inspirational story, it will help you move over tough times and come back stronger than ever.

As he remembers his humble beginnings to rising to the stars, he shares his perspective on staying focused on your goals – despite the dark days. You know what else he shares? His formula for success!

“Challenge yourself. Sit yourself down and talk it out. Have a conversation with yourself about moving forward and progressing.

How will you do it?

What is that first step you need to take toward your goal?

How will you handle setbacks? ”

Once you fully embrace your unlimited potential and you decide to do everything in your power to achieve it, you’ll build resilience against limiting factors. Above all else, you’ll stop putting limits on yourself!

Throughout this utterly motivational book, you’ll find the courage to:

– Build your self-confidence and never be afraid to go after your goals;

– Find the way back to trusting yourself and believing that you’re capable of change;

– Discharge negative energy and move on from negative people that limit you;

– Learn how to surround yourself with individuals that pump you up and support you on your way to achieving your goals;

– Finally start working toward bettering yourself and reaching your dreams, one step at a time!

As a bonus, you’ll also get to answer some questions asked by Nolan Carroll that will skyrocket your attempts at being successful. Once you reach the final page of this life-changing book, you’ll have learned the secret to becoming the best version of yourself.

The version you were always meant to be.


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