Rodica Niculescu

Jonah’s Adventures in the Enchanted Garden

In this stunningly illustrated children’s read-aloud story for ages two to six, Jonah gets to spend the whole summer vacation at his grandparents’ farm. Grandma’s garden always feels like a faerie land with its crickets and katydids singing, bees buzzing, the fresh air filled with the smell of roses, and all the little gnomes and their little houses scattered among the flowers. Jonah has brought along his new pet, Froggy, to play with, but by accident the little frog gets loose outside. Jonah is very sad. That night he wishes upon a star, and suddenly like magic, he can talk to the gnomes in the garden. He asks for their help to find Froggy. The oldest gnome, Elder, leads the search, and with the help of the birds and insects, they they find Froggy stuck in the reeds by the lake. On the advice of The Great Owl, King of the Night and Luna, the Faerie Queen of All Little Creatures, everyone helps rescue the little frog and take him down to the lake. Jonah sees how happy Froggy is in his new home. Despite his disappointment, Jonah knows that loving someone means giving them what is best. And the lake is what is best for Froggy. For the rest of the summer Jonah spends his time getting to know the gnomes and everyone else in the enchanted garden, and visiting Froggy at the lake.

Parents and teachers are sure to enjoy this colorful and magical book.


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