Kellie Thomas-Walker


In this fast-paced science fiction romance by Kellie Thomas-Walker, twenty-six year old gallery curator Joryn lives a peaceful existence after losing her mother and ending an abusive marriage. One night four strangers knock at her door. They reveal that she is actually a time-traveler, and Michael takes her on her first jump. She is meant to aid humanity while evading the ever-present danger of the Shadows who seek to destroy them. Along her journey in a bewildering world she never knew existed, their love slowly begins to grow. Joryn begins to find herself, discovering an awesome power within. She and Michael must find a way to complete their missions while coping with their growing passion and their love. Along with the page-turning sci-fi romance plot, the story also has a psychological twist, delving into tough subjects such as domestic violence and depression. Book one of a three-part series.


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