Bonnie Traymore

Killer Motives

Victoria Mancusio has it all—a thriving art dealership, a solid marriage, a sizeable family fortune—until it all starts to unravel. Discovery of her husband’s affair lands Victoria in a compromising position when Nick’s lover turns up dead. As she sets out to clear herself and find the real killer, she’s faced with two terrifying possibilities—either her husband is a murderer or someone is out to frame him and ruin their lives.

Meanwhile, with little hard evidence and no shortage of suspects with ‘killer motives,’ Detectives Jack Stark and Lexi Sanchez are under intense pressure to solve this high-profile murder case that rocks the picturesque village of Tarrytown just as the town is gearing up for the area’s annual Halloween festivities and an influx of tourists.

As Victoria struggles to reconcile her conflicting emotions, shattering new revelations complicate her plans and she sets out to find the truth. Who wanted Angie Hanson dead? Who would want to frame Nick? How far would her husband go to protect his interests? And how far is she willing to go to protect hers?


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