Keith Rowel (Author), Kellie Rowel (Author), Toni Tt Whitehead (Contributor)

Little Sammy Green Loves Fried Green Apples

Little Sammy Green just loves his mama’s Sweet, Ooey-Gooey Fried Green Apples.

This premier short story is the debut release from the highly acclaimed Fried Green Apples Book Series. Follow along as the adventurous, fun-loving young boy ventures through the magical fruit farm town of Mulberry Hill. But oh, how quickly he will hurry home to the kitchen table of his magical Green Apple Tree House on the hill, just to get a taste of his favorite delicious, tart treats that makes Little Sammy happy from his head to his feet.

One day there was a little boy who asked a question, Mulberry Hill? The magical fruit farm town located on the Annapolis peninsula of Maryland along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay just around the water bend of the famous United States Naval Academy? This is where you can find Little Sammy Green playing in the ravines? Yes, said a little old man, that is where you can find him.

In these fictional stories, Little Sammy’s experiences are based on the lives and morals of the Green family. Rev. Samuel Green, Sr. is depicted as Little Sammy Green, was the first cousin to the most well-known conductor of the Underground Railroad – Harriet Tubman. Journey along with Little Sammy as he personifies responsibility and ethical awareness all while having fun and learning about the great outdoors.


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