Amos Lundy, Jr.

Lust, Sex, and Systemic Racism in the County Jail

Following in his father’s footsteps, Sergeant Thomas had hoped to make a difference as a law enforcement officer. But inside the Treasure Coast County Jail, justice is in short supply. A handsome man, he is the frequent recipient of sexual advances from his female colleagues, which takes a toll on his marriage and career. And as a Black man, the prospect of being promoted in a system of long established racial inequality is unlikely. Can he break the chains of systemic racism and find the strength to save his marriage?

Determined to keep her family together, Sergeant Thomas’ wife Diamond will stop at nothing to salvage her husband’s career and has a plan for vengeance. Shining a spotlight on a broken corrections system, Lust, Sex, and Systemic Racism in the County Jail explores the complexity of life inside a correctional facility while promoting social justice and love.


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