Braggie Anne Mabry

Magical Falling Raindrops

Eight-year-old Kelvin is a dreamer. One night in a particularly vivid dream, the raindrops he sees in it are magical. He is excited to find out if the dream is true, so he grabs an old bucket from the garage and fills it full of raindrops. The next morning the water has completely vanished from the bucket. Kelvin is a bit freaked out and the whole family is very puzzled and concerned. How can this be possible? Kelvin’s dad enlists the help of a friend from his company’s lab to help them figure it out. But the tests all turn out negative, deepening the mystery. Until Kelvin’s mom suddenly remembers attending a magic show where the magician called Kelvin onstage and afterward gifted him with a special magical bucket. It’s not the raindrops that are magical at all, but the bucket he used to catch them!


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