Kerry Lyle

Mama Loved Kerry Drake

From schoolboy to soldier to college graduate to university lab researcher, Kerry Lyle’s life has been anything but boring. From a young boy growing up in Childersburg, Alabama, Kerry experienced the best of all worlds, a loving family, caring community, and wonderful friends, friends that have lasted a lifetime.

In Mama Loved Kerry Drake, an inspiring memoir, Kerry reflects on life, through the eyes of a young boy, during the last years of WWll and into the post-war era. Kerry recalls his early life and shares how certain people and places shaped him. But his journey was not always an easy one. He encountered setbacks and failed business ventures, but undeterred, Kerry took solace from the Holy Scriptures. Also, with the unwavering support and encouragement of his wonderful wife Joyce, he found the courage to start over again. Mama Loved Kerry Drake offers a fascinating look at what it was like to grow up in the post-WWII era and is a moving testament to the power of the American dream. His mother once asked, “Kerry, can’t you just stick with one job?” His response today is, “Sorry, mama! I wanted more for my family.”


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