R.T. Oliver

Planet Sekhemru

While in its Golden Age, Planet Sekhemru was known throughout the galaxy for its advanced technological civilization. Tragically, the planet was viciously invaded. But after taking a liking to the souls of Sekhemru, the Creator decided to create a new galaxy and place Sekhemru within it. Every few generations, an alteration within the DNA called “the Gene of the Gods” manifests within an individual who is of royal descent. San Sue is the most recent royal family member to possess the Gene of the Gods. At the age of five, it gave her the ability to see into the future. As she grew older, so did her powers. But her gift is not always a happy one. After leaving his brother for dead in battle, General Kabal gained a reputation for being the most ruthless and fearsome general in the Aracaden army. With his two loyal mercenaries at his side, no planet is safe from his demonic tantrums. Especially when the severed head of his son is delivered to his front lawn with a scathing message from San Sue’s twin brother. With vengeance in his heart, Kabal is pushed to the edge to seek retribution. San Sue must now put together a team of unruly strangers who must learn to work together in order to save Sekhemru from General Kabal.


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