Grace Dean


Grace Dean is a 20-year-old college student from Avon Lake, Ohio, whose love of writing began in the seventh grade when she first drafted Revolutionary. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Ohio Northern University while playing basketball. As a new novelist Grace has spent years tweaking and perfecting her char-acters and plot. She spent most of her childhood being influenced and inspired by books and she is excited to be that for someone else.

The Legend of Primitus brings together six of the most hardened Villain kids and four of the most proper Hero kids. They have little in common except for the small birthmark they all share on their ankle. From threats of banishment to the ghosts of their past, the Prime Concilium faces enemies around every corner. They travel across The United Kingdoms of Vazzuzi and through the Magia Islands to rally the oppressed and fight to change how history views Heroes and Villains.

Thieves, Vagabonds, Exiles, Outcasts. Villain kids have all been called these and worse. Making their homes in the grimy streets of the United Kingdoms of Vazzuzi, they are just trying to survive. Seafaring companions Kyle Caffrey and Lily Rivera seek to escape their violent and neglectful parents. Forest dwellers Madison Hood and Connor LaCroy have been fighting for their freedom from the knights who wish them dead. Immigrants from the strange Magia Islands, Faye Sheshire and Lois Brim, are trying to slip by under the radar before they are killed.

Victor, Idol, Leader, Royalty. Heroes have been ruling the Kingdoms for as long as anyone can remember. Life is pleasant and straightforward for the kids who grew up with servants waiting on them. The intelligent but sheltered Princess of Gentillesse, Scarlett Lahani, is the only one proud of her Concilium role. The rich and mighty Prince of Mantella, Nathan Mantella, will protect his relationship and kingdom at all costs. The sweet and ostensible Princess of Corona, Marissa Towers, has no problems with Villain kids. The arrogant and cold Prince of Veracity, Alexander Phillips, has no interest in helping anyone, especially the Villains.


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