Jacqueline E Danforth Lane

Secrets of the Heart

This deeply moving collection of poetry embodies a philosopher lyrically explaining her heart, how each beat is completely different, and not every beat is filled with love. In the still and silence of one’s heart, a different type of beauty can be found. Jacqueline E. Lane’s poems do not spring from normal thoughts, but she has never been one to communicate her secrets without worry of being judged. Her poetry allows her to express her thoughts and feelings according to the ever-changing rhythm of life as she sees it, even when faced with fear or concerns. She feels it is time that people be allowed to voice their poems of loneliness or depression without resulting in someone pushing a pill down their throat. Jacqueline hopes her poems will help others open up honestly and freely. To open our soul, to weep and laugh at yourself. To believe and have faith in the impossible. Though love can sometimes cause loneliness and pain, it is better to have experienced love then never to have been loved. Love is the most beautiful gift someone can share. Imagine holding hands through time with the one who once put that twinkle in your eye. That is what this collection of poems is about.


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