Moores, Robert M.

Shoe Box

Eight year old Violet Cooper is still dealing with the trauma of the death of her dad four years earlier, stuck in the denial stage of grieving and having trouble moving forward with her life. One day, she finds a shoebox in her attic that contains a secret and could possibly change everything. Violet has a feeling that there’s something special about the shoebox, but she can’t quite wrap her mind around it just yet. Follow Violet as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime and uncovers the secret behind the shoebox.

BookTrib blurb: Sometimes children ask questions that aren’t so easy to answer. When it comes to the harder topics of discussion – for example, what happens after people die – it can be tempting to try to shield them from these difficult conversations. But children need to learn how to handle complex emotions like grief, and Robert M. Moores’ debut novel The Shoebox gives them the tools to understand what they’re feeling.


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