Adrian West

Shoot For The Stars

This creative and highly informative guide is the ideal production bible for all directors, producers, and filmmakers aspiring to create world-changing art. It takes readers from the initial concept all the way through the long journey to the completion of a feature film. Projects start with an idea, which evolves into purpose, planning, collaboration, tactical execution, and total commitment. At that point, you as the artist have created the ideal scenario for magic to unfold in your life and in the destiny of your project.

The principles in this book also apply to TV production, music videos, and other types of visual media. It is designed to motivate, inspire, and drive readers to action. Even if they don’t already have a creative idea swirling in the back of their heads ready to be filmed, the first few pages will hook them. Readers will then learn to plan and explore all the details and contingencies involved in whatever project they’re pursuing.


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