Marlyn Pangatungan

Special Education Book

When special education teacher Dr. Marlyn Pangatungan immigrated to the United States, she experienced challenges while learning the curriculum, protocols, and student needs within the special education system in the United States. But rather than be discouraged, Dr. Pangatungan took advantage of every opportunity for professional development and growth and relied on trusted mentors to help her succeed. In Special Education Book, Dr. Pangatungan pays it forward by relating her personal story of diligence and hard work. Compiling her unique insights and helpful tips on attaining a rewarding career in special education, Dr. Pangatungan offers guidance for new and aspiring special education teachers in grades K-12, seasoned professionals, and out-of-certification special education teachers. Written as a comprehensive resource to assist educators in understanding how to best support students with special needs, the book highlights the different aspects of special education laws, regulations, guidelines, diverse and inclusive instruction, an inclusive classroom and paraprofessionals. Special Education Book will make a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the topic of special education.


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