Davidson Loehr

Stories Of Life

Powerful and memorable stories of the formation and consequences of character — with YOUR TURN sections to use these stories as windows into your own experiences, influences, challenges and character. Character refers to our basic style of being and behaving. We’re born with much of it, early experiences, influences, and mentors help shape the rest, and by about our mid-20’s our character is essentially completed — as the Montessori schools also teach. How could a deep connection with a gorilla, a professional musician who also served as a combat photographer in Vietnam, a gifted portrait studio owner, the sort of person who would so easily bring his horse through the house, a scholar, author, minister, carpenter, woodworker and still an active photographer — how could all of this combine in a meaningful way? Well, it did. And though you probably shared few of these experiences, the author has created this witty, poignant and brilliant book so that his personal stories easily become windows into your own soul, and a chance to know yourself and your character more intimately. You have never read a book like this, and will never forget some of these rich and challenging STORIES OF LIFE.


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