Marcia Wheelan Coles

The Baby Dolphin Dance

In this beautifully illustrated rhyming children’s story, a young girl wakes up excited to go swimming at the pool with her favorite cousin. Imagining themselves as mermaids living deep in the ocean, they go on a big adventure, playing with colorful fish, graceful turtles, singing whales, and lively dolphins. Suddenly they come upon a baby dolphin that is tangled up in a plastic bag. They liberate him from his dangerous prison, and he joyously performs the baby dolphin dance to thank them for his freedom. Soon, the whole beach is rocking the dance!

Mermaids are fun! This is a perfect story for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children ages 3-8 to make kids aware that life under the ocean’s surface is very affected by man’s actions and pollutants, so they will grow up and help keep the ocean clean.


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