Justin Case

The Compassionate Killers

In this thought-provoking and fascinating futuristic dystopian novel, Enoch Walker awakens from a cryogenic coma five-hundred years into the future. His last memories of his former life were of a fledgling country that he helped build after America’s second civil war. He is happy to see this new nation still exists. But to his growing dismay, he realizes the country has morphed into something he cannot reconcile himself with. The people are now superhuman, thanks to a dark secret that Enoch thought he’d kept well hidden in the past. Enoch’s shameful former life is something he would like to forget. But this new reality that he helped create will not let him. He must confront the demons of his painful past life and face up to his own shortcomings. Now alone and outnumbered, he has to navigate his way through a minefield of overwhelming obstacles in order to outwit the country’s ruthless, power-hungry president and the phenomenal soldiers of this greatly transfigured and strange new world. In his quest for redemption from his sins, he finds strength, forgiveness, and a love unlike anything he has ever known-a sacrificial love that he is willing to give up everything for, even his own life.


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