C. lEmon Meade

The Demagogue Wars

What if 2020 not only continued for 50 to 100 years, but actually got worse? COVID-19 continually evolves and mutates, and it is not eradicated for several decades, which leads to a vastly different America. Politics devolves into tribalism, misinformation, and censorship reign supreme, identity politics via outsider social engineering goes unchecked, and socialism sweeps the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Technology plays a huge role in daily life due to the emergence of “tech-trans-sapient” cybernetic technology. Both the left and right have it all wrong, good guys become bad guys, and bad guys are redeemed. Believers over the arc of time have always thought their generational crisis would be the impetus for the end of the world as we know it and 2120 will be no different. “The Plan” will be revealed to a small indigenous girl who is a war refugee from Alberta, Canada.

From immunity and healthcare to media, privacy, commerce, communication, and of course warfare, this page-turning political thriller is a fun ride through a dystopian future with terrifying new implements of war. The story is a mirror for examining who we are as political beings, and who we put our faith and trust in. The Right clashes with the Left, but as certain characters grow and evolve while others devolve into narcissistic madness, eventually both sides of the aisle get their acts together and start living up to the American potential.


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