Adrea M. Witherspoon

The First Lady is the President’s Wife, and I am but a Servant

This encouraging and insightful book was written for new pastors’ wives. It gives readers an uncensored glimpse at the real journey of a first-time first lady, as a pastor’s wife is known.

When you enter a church, you will usually notice her right away, often sitting in the front row. Dressed elegantly, the first lady sits smiling with dignity and confidence, and you may think it must be nice to be the first lady. Although she loves her husband as well as the church, that smile may just be her makeup. It covers her struggle against the persecution, and yes, sometimes the disrespect that she has endured in the house of the Lord. You might admire her shoes but may not want to walk in them after you have seen where they have taken her.

Readers will never look at their pastor’s wife the same way after this brief, no-holds-barred insight into her typical struggle with the church and her personal life…and will hopefully keep her in their prayers.


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