Elizabeth Zelnik

The House on Haunted Mountain

While out on a hike, friends Greg and Jason become lost and stumble upon a mansion in the middle of nowhere. Hoping to find a ride into town, they knock on the door and are greeted by a familiar face, a former classmate named Jan. When a fog rolls in, they have no choice but to seek refuge from the inclement weather and are invited to join the family for dinner. During the meal, their host, Jan’s reclusive uncle, announces he has recently changed his will, causing a major stir amongst his niece and nephews. As the night wears on, a sinister plan unfolds, and no one suspects what lies in wait for the weary hikers and their hosts, as the dinner party revelation proves to have dire consequences. The House of Haunted Mountain is a suspenseful ride that will leave you guessing until the very end as the bonds of friendship and love are tested by suspicion and fear.


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