Trea Jackson

The Innocent Eyes of a Child

In the Innocent Eyes of a Child, follows the story of a girl, named Brighteyes, who was born into dysfunctional family. She was subjected to years of abuse. At the age of five, she is abandoned by her abusers and ends up in the foster care system. She journeys through the foster care system going from home to home. She tells her story through her eyes, as she grows up never finding the love, care, and family she desired. She experiences the path of the foster child is often filled with challenges that are overwhelming, frustrating, and heartbreaking. She experiences more abuse which was often ignored in the system. Her mistreatment by some of the foster parents causes a great deal of pain, which is evident. She copes by “flying away.” She takes the reader through the journey of each place she goes-her feelings, hopes, and dreams. These are often filled with disappointments, betrayal, and tears. Many do not know what happens to foster children as they journey through many homes– while never finding any love or stability. While on her journey, she dreamed of being rescued by a loving family. This wasn’t only her journey, but the journey of a lot of foster children– forced to grow-up this way. The phrase, “What is in the Best Interest of the Child,” is often challenged. Through it all, she still had hope that she would find a place called home.


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