Corey Brehm

The Jendelliad

On the brink of civil war, the country of Jendell has splintered under the leadership of Lester Hardin, a newly elected leader who promises to usher in a new era. Hardin’s three opponents form a Triumvirate while attempting to take Jendell’s agrarian section, dubbed the Regions, and create their own country. But Hardin won’t relinquish the Regions without a fight. Ruling with an iron fist, he intends to impose technological advancements while subjugating his citizens. The Hooligans, a subculture based out of the Capital’s East End, live and breathe rock and roll music. But when their debauchery comes under threat from Hardin and his ultra-conservative, hyper-religious supporters, they must find a way to work together in order to survive. As the country teeters towards destruction, Major James Kobalt, a descendant of one of Jendell’s oldest families, a Hooligan named Camden “Hawk” Masterson, and young journalist Steven Ravencroft must decide what role they will play in Jendell’s darkest hour. And across Blue Mountain, a young Gorgozian is tasked with mounting a rebellion to save his people from the threat of genocide at the hands of Jendell’s Army of Occupation. While alliances are formed and loyalties are tested, the people of Jendell must fight for what they believe in. But can they overcome their differences before the country is lost?


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