Richard J. Armona

The Lesson 2

This page-turning thriller picks up where book 1, The Lesson ends. Young David Ruffin has survived an encounter with a swamp creature, but has been infected with a mysterious chemical which is transforming him into that same kind of creature. Doctors are baffled, but his father and grandfather return to the swamp to get samples from the waters that may hold the secret to David’s recovery. But the creature, Gastrop, is very protective of his swamp and attacks any and all who violate his turf.

Deaths and a government secret from 1945 have the FBI taking over the hunt for Gastrop…with disastrous results. Finally, the creature is subdued and studied to uncover its secret for regenerating damaged and missing body parts to help humanity. But military leaders want to develop an army of the creatures to reduce human casualties and wipe out terrorists.

David, taught by his grandfather about the benefits of prayer and trust in Jesus, is miraculously healed. When school begins, a package arrives containing two baby alligators promised to his best friend. But the alligators are carrying Gastrop’s offspring, which are unleashed into the sewers of New Jersey. Could the horror spreading around the world be fulfilling a Biblical prophecy? Readers will come to understand the importance of listening to parents and older, wiser family members who have their best interests at heart…and the most important lesson is that Jesus Saves.


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