Gayle Greene

The Rat’s Race

Every year the rats of New York City run a race in the sewer beneath Times Square to crown the new Leader of the Pack. The race is usually run on the night the humans drop the big, shiny ball. But this year The Rat’s Race will be on the first anniversary of what the rats call “The Horrible Day.”

When a curious and adventurous rat from Liberty Island named Bert follows his dream to New York City and meets Gavroche, a small rat with a big heart from Broadway, they become fast friends and make a pact to run The Rat’s Race together to stop the bully Poe, from winning the race.

Will this unlikely duo be able to face the adversities ahead and find the courage to save all of the rats from being ruled by the strongest, meanest rat in the city?

From the Statue of Liberty to the legendary Sewer Gator, Gayle Childress Greene’s captivating children’s chapter book whisks readers through the streets and sewers of New York City on an adventure they will never forget.


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