Dorothy Chika Akpamgbo

The Star in Me

The Star in Me is a memoir of a woman of African descent raised in a humble family. Dorothy was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth but in her quest for education she made an excellent in-road into achieving success in her early age. However, her dreams to acquire more education was challenged by the Nigerian civil war that wrecked her nation for three years, thus derailing her ambitious advancement and compelling her to an early marriage. Many years after the end of the war, while raising her children as a working mother, her zeal to realize her potentials to the fullest spurred her to go back to school. She attended notable colleges and universities in the country and secured more higher degrees in Education and Law. Due to certain situations immanent in her life, she later moved to the United States, where she worked for many years as a tenured teacher under the California System of Education before retiring in 2016.


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