John R Stanczak

The Story of the Stanczak Brothers Baseball Team

The story of the most famous all-brother, semi-pro baseball team of all time began when Mary and Martin Stanczak were forced to flee their Polish homeland for America. They settled in Illinois where, like many immigrant families, they raised a large family-eleven children, ten boys and one girl. Those ten boys became a regional baseball powerhouse. This book recounts the history of the development of the Stanczak All-Brothers baseball team and details some of their more significant achievements, including their victory in the All-Brothers World Championship of 1929.

The book also includes some personal reminisces of the author from his own baseball-playing days and provides some highlights about the impact of the two World Wars on the game of baseball in the United States. It is a fascinating glimpse into three very American topics: the role of family, the immigrant experience, and how baseball brought Americans together.


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