Apinder Kaur Bedi

The Untold Tale of Prince Zakira

Prince Zakira is a cruel, selfish ruler who does not treat his people well. Horse racing and hunting are his passions. One day he decides to visit Jamalsi, the most beautiful village in the kingdom. He commands they have a horse race, but a sudden storm knocks him from his saddle. So instead he insists on a hunt in the forest. One day he causes a terrible mishap but doesn’t care about the sufferer, and as a result the evil prince starts to have nightmares and very strange things begin to happen in the palace. Prince Zakira is so frightened by the lessons of the magical visions that he changes his ways and becomes a kind and merciful ruler for the rest of his life. This story will give children a deeper understanding of good values, and how to live a compassionate life.


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