Ellie Sager Mercer (Author), Elizabeth Peavey

The Words That Went Unspoken

Ellie Mercer lost the three most important women in her life to untreated cancer. Her mother, Berta Sager, and her older sister, Jean Sutton, died because of their adherence to Christian Science beliefs. That same pattern of treating disease without medical help led her younger sister, Perry MacFarlane, to ignore her cancer until it was too late. These women never spoke of their losses or their conditions with each other, creating a downward spiral of silence and suppression. Instead, each lived isolated within her own grief and fear, depriving each other the comfort and solace that could have eased their suffering.

This book examines the devastating consequences of living with denial. It’s the story of the author’s struggle with her own demons, including her ensuing battles with agoraphobia and her search for spiritual authenticity. It recounts her journey out of personal darkness, bringing her own truths to light.


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